Seed Library

Intention: Empower local seed savers, seed literacy, and enrich our library experience


The Collingwood Community Seed Library has been made possible by countless volunteer hours & the collaboration of Transition Collingwood, Germinate, Eden in Season &The Collingwood Public Library. A modest Seed Library  was established  in the summer 2013.  Fundraising efforts in 2014 enabled us to purchase organic heirloom seeds.  The Seed Library is a self-supporting community project that allows any member of the community to attain organic seeds adapted to our local climate, access educational material, participate in free workshops as well as enjoy the process & health benefits of growing & eating clean local food. Ongoing participation of saving, returning & repackaging seed facilitates sustainability of the Seed Library. One seed has the ability to provide so much & our actions on a local level have a global impact.

Visit and borrow seeds from our seed library at the Collingwood Public Library.

Our focus is on organic & heirloom seed, local edible & medicinal plants. We will however, except any seed as the process of growing local food in our community is of upmost importance.

Returned seeds need to be well labeled with the plant name, your name (if you choose), year collected, days to harvest, any growing tips.  If your seed has a story or history, please share it as this creates community.

Planting species such as borage or milkweed that will attract pollinators will not only increase the health of your garden but also the health of our planet.

Please direct any questions to

Collingwood Ontario Coordinates 44° N, 80° W

There are also Community Seed Libraries in Meaford & Orillia. We hope as the interest in seed libraries grows that multiple communities can collaborate efforts & share resources.


​There a lot of information out there on seeds & seed saving, it is a process & you will learn new info each season. There are great resources through Transition Collingwood, the Collingwood Public Library & online on how to grow, pollinate, and ensure the returned seeds are healthy and true to seed.

SEEDS OF DIVERSITY    Canadian Seed Library, including  a collection of over 2300 regionally-adapted and rare seed varieties.  Substantial resources & links.

ORGANIC SEED ALLIANCE   Supports the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of organic seed. An excellent resource for educational material for seed production.

CANADIAN ORGANIC GROWERS   A national membership-based education and networking organization representing farmers, gardeners and consumers.

ACORN  For information on organic agriculture, eating organic, and connecting seeds to farmers to consumers.

ECOLOGICAL FARMERS ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO   To support and promote a vibrant community of ecological farmers through education, training and knowledge sharing.

GREENSIDE UP   Teaching Growth Teaching Green  Great link on how long will seed last.

THE FARMERS ALMANAC   Suggested Planting Dates for Collingwood