There are three primary criteria for an initiative to be considered a Transition Collingwood Project:
  1. The project is aligned with Transition principles
  2. Primary beneficiary is our surrounding community
  3. The project is visioned, coordinated, and managed transparently
Current Transition Collingwood projects can be viewed from the Projects menu drop-down.
Let us know your project ideas! Project ideas take flight once enough momentum is established to make this project a reality. Projects vary depending on the needs & intentions of a given community and are limited only by your passion.
Other community-scale initiatives underway in other Transition communities include:
  • local food production
  • skill sharing & education
  • community currency & bartering
  • sustainable energy
  • eco-friendly housing
  • clean transportation
  • energy descent and emergency preparedness planning
  • shaping municipal policy
  • business waste exchange
  • repurposing of materials
  • and much more!