Welcome to Transition Collingwood!
Our local chapter is comprised of passionate folks with a mission to create a more ecological, co-operative, inclusive, and resilient Collingwood, Blue Mountains, Clearview Township, and Wasaga area. Please browse our site to learn about our current initiatives or suggest how you want to help.

The Transition Movement is a global grassroots network of communities that are working to raise awareness of sustainable living & transition the community away from fossil fuels by building local resilience.

Projects are community-envisioned, community-designed & community-implemented.  The term ‘community’ may refer to local institutions, towns, neighbourhoods, organizations, or other group of people working towards a common intention.

As a volunteer-run collective, we depend on everyone’s participation and encouragement to help create the community abundance we envision. We look forward to meeting you.
Current Initiatives

Visit our seed library now accessible at the Collingwood Public Library

Earth Week events and more on our events calendar